What is WEN?

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Network is a long-standing networking group for business owners and professionals who want to build relationships and grow their businesses. WEN’s local roots extend deep into the community. While we offer multiple meeting times, places, and styles, we also work together to help each other, contribute to charities, and promote non-profit organizations in our area.

WEN encourages active networking throughout multiple networking organizations in Northwest Ohio. Ultimately the strongest networkers belong to several organizations. Below are a few benefits of WEN:

  • Cost Effective Yearly Membership
  • Monthly Online Payment Options for Membership Dues
  • Multiple Membership Levels to meet your marketing needs
  • Choose between 5 networking meetings per month!
  • Different days and times of meetings throughout the month
  • Training and Resources to grow your business
  • Opportunities for presenting your “commercial” at every meeting
  • Periodic guest speakers, a yearly Summit, and exciting fund-raising events
  • Newsletter and social media for edification and fun
About WEN

WEN – The Women’s Entrepreneurial Network, is the right place for women and men to build business relationships that last; ultimately helping their business grow. We are committed to local area business owners who are looking for additional tools and resources to enhance their business skills, and increase their network.

How do we do it? Through encouragement and support of entrepreneurial businesses toward successful development.

WEN isn’t just “another” networking group, WEN is the group to be a part of in NW Ohio for support in your networking efforts. Established with a grant from the Small Business Administration in 1993, WEN has blossomed into an organization which serves and inspires businesses both big and small!

WEN has over 250 members with a third of our membership being men. WEN recognizes that women in business also need the support of their male counterparts and by working together we build stronger businesses and a stronger community. Whether you are looking to launch a new business, grow one you already own, meet other successful people who share your entrepreneurial spirit or foster your own growth, WEN is the right place for YOU.

Who should join WEN?

Whether you are a business owner or employed by one, you have career goals. We all do.

Joining WEN is a great way to reach them.

WEN is a community of women and men who are interested in promoting and supporting women in business, and women-friendly businesses through networking, training, and the building of relationships.

Why should I join WEN?

Build your network. Build your business. Grow your business presence.  Become a member of the WEN Community and strengthen your connections and professional relationships.  With the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network you have the opportunity to:

  • Meet other business professionals face to face
  • Increase your business knowledge through our Training Center
  • Get your business listed in our WEN business directory
  • Create visibility in the community by building your brand
  • Receive member discounts to all WEN events and on member products/services

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WEN Membership Levels

A Basic WEN Membership opens the door to professional networking opportunities along with the many other benefits. WEN also offers additional partnerships such as Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald. These levels provide greater marketing opportunities and exposure for your business throughout Northwest Ohio.  Find out which membership is right for you to check out all of the membership benefits, opportunities, rates and levels!  Don’t forget that WEN offers monthly membership payments!

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Upcoming Meetings

11:00am, Monday

Take the opportunity in 10 seconds or less to state your name, the name of your business and your “hook” that describes what you do. The format of the meeting is to give a 2…

11:30am, Thursday

1st Thursday of each month.
11:30am Networking, 12-1pm Meeting
Order from the menu.

Take the opportunity to introduce yourself, your business and tell us what you are looking for to grow your business or career track in a 20-45 second commercial.  This meeting offers a 10-15 minute business training topic.

11:30am, Monday

2nd Monday of each month.
11:30am Networking, 12-1pm Meeting
$14 meeting fee includes lunch

Take the opportunity to introduce yourself, your business and tell us what you are looking for to grow your business or career track in a 20-45 second commercial.

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